Video – Use Video to Improve Your Firm’s Intake Process

A client who better understands the case is a better client. Skillful use of video can be a great asset in helping to make sure these folks receive the information they need on a consistent basis. One way to achieve this is by creating videos and playlists that are designed to familiarize potential clients or current clients about basic facts, like how the process works, what to expect next, insight on your firm’s experience in specific case types, answering questions about compensation, and even explanations of procedures for interacting with the firm.

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Video – Searching for an attorney… a Customer Perspective Case Study

Question…. How do your ideal clients find and choose a lawyer when they need one? That’s the age old question… right?

NRV-Legal President Harry Brockman outlines how attorneys and law firms can take advantage of the fact that few if any firms in your practice area and market are doing what is necessary to plan, produce and consistently release new, relevant videos that inform and attract their target clients.

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