A unique. Turnkey solution based on proven
video marketing concepts and almost 4000
custom branded videos for law firms
big and small across North America

We develop and outline a list of topics, content designed to engage – inform – and call-to-action the firm’s ideal clients.

We share tips, techniques and our proven presentation format with the attorneys or staff who will appear on camera.

We conduct a professional, on-location video shoot under the direction of an experienced producer skilled in working one-on-one with attorneys.

We expertly edit the footage so that your client looks and sounds great… adding animated branding and text support to enhance the presentation for the viewer.

Each week we make public, a new, fully-optimized, branded video on YouTube.
Each month we deliver all the HD video files, a corresponding blog post, transcript, description, keywords, and custom thumbnail image… ready to publish to your client’s web and social media sites

It’s affordable! Program becomes an integral part of your client’s ongoing digital marketing, and is paid in monthly installments as part of a client’s monthly marketing budget.