I Was Just Like You...
A lawyer Looking for Clients

I’m Gerry Oginski, a medical malpractice trial lawyer practicing in one of the most competitive markets in the country, New York and here’s how I got started creating video to market my practice and many others across North America.

In 2005 I discovered and started to practice a concept called education-based marketing. I started to write articles and blog posts focused on providing “help not hype” and put them up on my website. These were informative articles that helped people learn about different topics in medical malpractice and personal injury law.

Coincidentally, at the same time there was a small little website that came online that claimed that they were now accepting user generated video content. It also had a funny name, it was called YouTube.

There were no attorneys in the country who were using it to teach and educate people. I saw lawyer television commercials posted on YouTube and said “This is crazy. Nobody in their right mind would want to watch a lawyer television commercial voluntarily.”

I knew nothing about video, audio or lighting. But I had an idea… Why couldn’t I create a video that helped educate my ideal client and consumer? 

It took me weeks of frustrating effort to figure out how to create a video. My kids actually had to show me how to turn on the Webcam on my Mac computer. It was nothing more than a tiny pinhole camera.

The first video I ever created was the worst video in creation.


When I finally figured out how to put this crappy, six minute video online, I began to get calls from people who actually watched this video and were calling my office to ask me questions about the information I discussed. I couldn’t believe it.

That was the beginning of the attorney video revolution. There are some people who believe that I was the pioneer of lawyer video marketing and the first lawyer in the country to create an educational message in the form of a video and put it online. Remember, we’re not talking about CLE lectures. We’re talking about bite-sized informative and educational videos that are designed to teach and educate my ideal clients and consumers and ultimately have them call me to learn more.

It was titled “How to hire a New York Medical Malpractice Attorney” and it was the spark that caused me to create what are now thousands of videos to market my solo law practice. 

By 2008 I began to consult with fellow attorneys and shared my experience and expertise on video marketing for a monthly fee.

About that time I ran into someone at a marketing conference who was a Professional Video Marketer. His name was Harry Brockman and he had a successful TV and Video Production Company in Orlando Florida.

He knew me through my videos and after a few conversations we agreed that we might make a great team. Harry had 25 years of experience in the conception, production, customization and distribution of video for Broadcast, Direct Response and Lead-Generation. 

We asked each other.. “Why not come up with a way to do for other attorneys what I had been doing so successfully on my own”?

Today, after over 4000 videos, the programs we developed, allow virtually any forward-thinking attorney or law firm the ability to create and publish New Relevant Video Content consistently over time to get a leg up in their markets and practice areas.

And me… I have over 3000 videos and counting to market my solo law firm.

Video Content Marketing on AUTOPILOT for your Law Firm Clients!

Finally, a turnkey program that puts Video Content Marketing on Autopilot for your law firm clients.

Your busy attorney clients can now efficiently generate a substantial amount of professionally- produced video content, freeing up their valuable time to do what they do best… practice law! 

This unique solution allows Attorneys and Law Firms to shoot an entire year’s worth of video during a single shoot day. Video content when edited, optimized and released each week, functions as a Law Firm Video Content Marketing Program that works 24 hours a day.

I developed this affordable planning – production – publication program in partnership with the country’s foremost authority on educational video marketing and lead-generation for attorneys. A practicing attorney who has created almost 3000 videos to successfully generate millions of dollars in cases and referrals for his own practice in New York. 

Whether it’s enhancing your client’s SERP, increasing the time visitors spend on their website, addressing the needs of a firm’s ideal client, or simply promoting your client to a wider audience via social media, you understand that a Video Content Marketing Program can function as a media platform for your clients, independent of traditional media and its ever-shrinking influence.

A Video Content Marketing Program offers an opportunity for your clients to gain an advantage in an extremely competitive market. While most law firms have scratched the surface of Content Marketing by posting blogs, few have embraced the concept of creating and regularly distributing branded video content. 

The fact is…, forward-thinking Legal Marketing Professionals who put these techniques into practice have a great opportunity to help their clients stand out and generate calls, clicks, clients and cases by satisfying the wants, needs and desires of their ideal clients who are searching for answers and information online.

Founder – President