NRV-Legal Client Video Spotlight – Video – Child Born With Severe Brain Damage – New York Attorney Barry Washor Talks About a Tragic Case

A profoundly brain damaged baby was born in a local hospital...

A profoundly brain damaged baby was born in a local hospital and the family came to us. They were devastated. They wanted answers. My name is Barry Washor and I’m a medical malpractice attorney. The family didn’t know what to do. They didn’t have any experience in this area. They didn’t know how they would be able to afford to care for their child. They didn’t know what their child’s needs were. They were upset, they were angry. But most of all, they wanted answers. Let me tell you about what we did and how we helped this family and how we do this on a daily basis. Well, the first thing we did is we obtained the medical records to see what happened and why did such a terrible event occur? And what we determined after reviewing these records in consultation with board certified obstetrician and gynecological surgeons was that there was medical malpractice. That when the Mom went in to deliver the baby, she was suffering from a condition known as “placental abruption.” That is where the placenta actually separates from the uterus and the treatment is to immediately deliver this baby. Instead, the doctors didn’t diagnose this condition. The doctors just presumed that the heavy bleeding that was being experienced was just – as they described – a “simple bloody show.” They didn’t take seriously her complaints of severe pain. They said this is just normal, routine pain that Mom experiences while delivering. The fetal monitoring strips which were showing ominous patterns did not concern these doctors. Well, the baby was ultimately delivered and the baby was born. And the baby was born severely brain damaged, suffering from cerebral palsy. Once we got these records and we had these records reviewed, we instituted a lawsuit and we fought for the rights of the family. And we were able to show that these doctors were not being accurate and they were not being candid in their assessment of what went on. We were able to show through the blood records that the Mom had significant loss of blood, that the Mom had been given blood transfusions following the delivery, and that through this evidence we were able to show and prove that this child should have been delivered earlier. That there shouldn’t have been a delay. This child, unfortunately, suffers from severe developmental delays and will never be able to go to school like other children. This child has seizures. This child will need to be cared for the rest of her life. As a result of the lucrative settlement which we achieved during the trial of this matter, the child has been placed in what is known as the Neurologically Impaired Fund of the state of New York. This provides that this child will receive all of the care and attention that she’ll need for the rest of her life, long after her parents are alive. We’ve at least been able to bring back some hope to this family and let them enjoy their child. If you have any questions, call me. We’d love to help you. We’d love to hear your story. Again, my name is Barry Washor and thank you for watching.

In this CLIENT VIDEO SPOTLIGHT, New York medical malpractice attorney Barry Washor talks about a tragic case in which a baby was born brain damaged due to the carelessness of doctors.

The family was understandably upset and devastated when their newborn was delivered with cerebral palsy.

The child will always have developmental delays, seizures and other neurological issues because of this.

The mother was having extreme pain and complaining but the hospital staff just looked upon it as normal, routine labor pain.

When fetal monitoring tests were done and even they pointed to an issue, even this was ignored by the careless staff. The mother had lost a significant amount of blood during the delivery and developed placental abruption.

In severe cases, this can result in the baby not getting enough oxygen and being born brain damaged.

The doctors and hospital need to be held responsible for what was clearly an act of negligence on their part.

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