Video – Cross Promote Your Videos With Other Marketing

Listen as NRV-Legal President Harry Brockman describes how you can cross-promote your videos with your other marketing.

Television, radio, print, billboard, direct mail and other t...

Television, radio, print, billboard, direct mail and other traditional advertising media are all great ways to drive traffic to your videos.

Why not feature a brief call-to-action in your TV or Radio commercials, something like “learn more about your legal concerns by accessing our video library @”

Commercials meant to generate specific types of cases might include a mention that more information is available by visiting a Video Library.

Here's an example… a Television commercial on truck accidents might mention something like “Let us help you by viewing The10 facts you must know about truck accident cases in Florida, and find out more about truck accident cases in Florida by going to our video library @

Creating unique “video-centric” web pages featuring videos designed to support your firm’s commercial/advertising campaigns can offer infinitely more important critical viewer information than a 30 or 60 second commercial. These specialized web pages also allow you to track the performance of your advertising campaigns like Direct Response TV Agencies have done for years.

Of course, this should be done in addition to your existing calls to action, such as phone numbers. In today’s search-driven environment, many potential clients are not ready to pick up the phone immediately. However, after browsing the video content where you are able to demonstrate your experience and expertise they may be better prepared and more likely to contact your firm.

It is not uncommon for potential clients who have viewed the right type of video prior to contacting your law firm to actually reach out to you with the mindset that they like you, trust you and most importantly… want to hire you.
Why? Because you’ve now satisfied their wants, needs and desires.

Having potential clients exposed to useful information prior to reaching out can also be beneficial in another way. Often, after viewing a video or videos, a potential client will realize they have no basis for a case, which can save your firm time and money by increasing the efficiency of the intake process.

Creating a series of informative and educational videos for your law firm’s target clients also presents an excellent opportunity to cross-promote those videos within your traditional marketing, such as TV ads, radio ads, billboards, direct mail and print advertisements. 

A brief call-to-action, such as, “Learn more about your legal concerns by accessing our video library at (firm website)” could be included in your traditional advertisement.  As your videos are organized into topic and practice area playlists on YouTube and can be organized by topic in your website’s Video Library, a more specific advertisement for something like truck accidents could encourage the your target clients to access your site to learn what they need to know if they are facing a situation involving a truck accident. 

This is an opportunity to further engage with the client and establish trust and authority.  It also allows you to go into more in-depth information than a 30 second or 60 second commercial.  Also, studies show that most television viewers have their mobile devices on them and often “multiscreen”, surfing the internet while watching television.  This means they are equipped to contact you right when they hear your call-to-action. 

8 out of 10 consumers research online before making a major purchase decision, so this can get them started in the research process immediately when presented with your message.  They will also be more likely to like you, trust you, and want to hire you after they have done research on your website using the video information you have provided them.  This can also improve the efficiency of your intake process, as your potential client will be more informed as they begin the process. 

NRV Legal provides attorneys and law firms with unique, affordable turnkey programs that allow you to achieve this in the most efficient and effective way.  Watch the video to learn more.

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