Video – Searching for an attorney… a Customer Perspective Case Study

Question…. How do your ideal clients find and choose a lawyer when they need one? That’s the age old question… right?     

NRV-Legal President Harry Brockman outlines how attorneys and law firms can take advantage of the fact that few if any firms in your practice area and market are doing what is necessary to plan, produce and consistently release new, relevant videos that inform and attract their target clients. 

Searching for an attorney… a Customer Perspective Case Stu...

Searching for an attorney… a Customer Perspective Case Study

Question…. How do your ideal clients find and choose a lawyer when they need one? Perhaps they already know a lawyer, and that person is the first choice that enters their mind. Perhaps they “know a guy, who knows a guy”, the classic referral. Perhaps they know the names of a few local firms because they have been constantly bombarded by traditional “interruption-based media” like radio, TV, Bus Wraps and billboards. While still effective these methods typically convey very little useful information other than the name, phone number, website and perhaps a slogan. Certainly nothing very “useful” to someone who does not know the intricate workings of the legal system and how it might impact their situation.

Your ideal clients are looking for answers, and today no doubt one of if not the first place they look is online, and statistics show that in rapidly increasing numbers they seek those answers in the form of video and supporting content. Lots of reasons for this…. Too many to go into here but suffice it to say what they really are searching for is a lawyer they can relate to. One who can demonstrate competence, confidence and trust, someone that they want to hire… can you really convey that from the side of a bus?

When they search online for answers, they usually start at Google… duh! Whether on a laptop, desktop or mobile device they want near-instant access to information presented in a clear and concise manner. Since 2006 Google has owned YouTube, so it stands to reason that often the search results tend to have YouTube videos on the topic for which they are searching. They click the video link, and a nearby attorney explains to them within 2-4 minutes the basics of what they needed to know, combined with contact information, links to the firm’s website, and options to view even more ”relevant” videos.

If that searcher goes to the firm’s website, he will find more relevant videos on a webpage that was created to provide even more content on that area of practice. The searcher … now a website visitor will also find a blog with regular article postings along with embedded videos explaining the same topic – allowing a choice between watching & listening or reading… The videos themselves also provide on-screen text emphasizing the major points and can be shared with whomever deemed appropriate. The firm’s ideal client is now likely to be confident that this firm and perhaps even an individual attorney is uniquely qualified in their mind to handle his case effectively, and he takes the next step of making contact with the firm.

Question…. What would have happened if this firm did not have these videos in place?

Isn’t it likely the searcher would have clicked on a competitor’s links on Google. Without the SEO effects of quality and relevant YouTube videos and embedded videos on their website, a firm’s chances of standing out and being found are potentially lowered drastically. The results over the course of many years and millions of videos show that Embedded videos increase “dwell time”, which is the time a visitor spends on a website by almost 2 minutes. This is now a major factor in search ranking. In this instance it is very possible that the searcher would not have become familiar with the firm or experienced the lawyer(s) speak to him face-to-face before ever really meeting in person… Instead, quite possibly that searcher is at another firm.

Ok… perhaps this is an oversimplification but the point is this… Right now, there is an opportunity for lawyers and law firms that “get it” to take advantage of the fact that very few lawyers, law firms and even legal marketers “GET IT”. Chances are few if any firms in your practice area and market are doing what is necessary to plan, produce and consistently release new, relevant videos that inform and attract their target clients. These law firms often want to work with a video marketing company that has done this before…

At NRV-Legal, we have produced and published over 4,000 of these videos for attorneys and law firms across the country who do get it. Firms that now understand that regularly releasing New Relevant Video (that’s NRV to us) in a consistent and repeatable way is one of the best ways to gain favor with the search engines and generate calls, clicks, clients and cases. Contact us and discover how your firm can begin creating and regularly releasing high-quality and informative videos for your ideal clients.

Searching For An Attorney: Customer Case Study 
When your law firm’s target clients are looking for a lawyer, they may already know of a few firms, due to acquaintances, referrals, previous experiences, or traditional advertising such as TV ads and billboards.  However, these traditional, interruption-based mediums do not impart much useful information to the people they target.  They usually consist of only basic contact information and a slogan. 

Your ideal clients do not have an intricate understanding of the legal system, and they are looking for answers online.  Their preferred method of delivery is through online video and supporting content.  Google accounts for over 63% of US search queries, and YouTube now accounts for over 25% of searches.  YouTube has been owned by Google since 2006, and is not the second-largest search engine.  YouTube videos regularly appear in Google search results due to their integrated relationship.   

Your target client uses either a computer or mobile device to search online for legal information, and a local attorney’s videos appear in the search results, along with links to the firm’s websites.  The firm’s website will contain a special page for videos relevant to a given practice area. 

This firm’s website also has a blog that regularly posts new articles with embedded videos on the topic.  By including the embedded videos in the blog, a visitor has a choice between reading or viewing the videos.  Many choose to play the videos while skimming the text.  The videos themselves have on-screen text, and the videos or blog links can be shared with a person’s acquaintances that may be in need of legal assistance.  After viewing the videos and/or video blogs on the firm’s website, the target client is confident that this firm – or even a particular attorney at the firm – is uniquely qualified to handle his case.   

What would have happened if this firm did not have these videos in place?  It is likely that the target client would have clicked on the links for a competing firm, hiring the competitor instead.  

Embedding videos on your firm’s website is proven to increase the time spent on a page by approximately two minutes.  As they watch your videos, they are essentially meeting you face-to-face before visiting your firm.  Chances are, other firms in your practice area and market are not yet doing this, so this presents an opportunity for you to establish yourself as the go-to resource and a thought leader in your market.   

NRV Legal provides attorneys and law firms with unique, affordable turnkey programs that allow you to achieve this in the most efficient and effective way.  Watch the video to learn more.  

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